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Two families, working together to accomplish their goals.

Who We Are

Minky Baby Gifts is a business owned and run by our family. It has become much more tame, pleasant, and docile over the years as we have forced it into a smaller space, not only in a physical sense (smaller shop), but also in our lives. We have fought with it over the years, at times wanting to slay the dragon, other times feeding and cherishing it, but finally coming to terms with it's place in our lives. It is a means to an end, it is a business that helps us accomplish our goals

The Jordan and Vines families.  Our passion is volunteer work, and our families have been privileged to work in many different situations.  Paul and Sarah and the kids have worked at disaster relief after Hurricane Katrina, and clean-up in other areas hit by natural disasters more recently.  Sarah volunteered in Ecuador for a year while she was single and footloose, later as a family they were able to teach their children the fun of serving together in Ecuador. 

Gary and I were literacy volunteers in Ecuador for eight years, and in 2013 we were able to work as a family in Panama for 6 months.  

Once in your veins, the bug is hard to eradicate, Paul, Sarah and the kids are headed to Thailand in the fall, we look forward to seeing photos and videos of their next adventure.  We, the Jordan family, will be headed to Taiwan in the spring of next year.  

We support each other through Minky baby Gifts.




100% Handmade

We use the finest materials available, choosing carefully our embroidery machines, picot edge and sewing machines, as well as our suppliers.  It takes time to collect the best vendors, from the bobbins to the thread we use in the embroidery, the things that will not even be seen in the end, you can rest assured we have put much effort into the search.  Our minky line is Korean Minky - not the minky you can purchase off the shelves at a fabric store.  Korean minky is thicker, and will stand the rigorous stresses of belonging to a toddler.

Our cotton knit blankets are made from cotton picked right here in the US, and milled in California to our specifications.  

A newbie in our family are the cotton swaddle blankets. A very simple design, ours are the largest on the market, simply because of the feedback from our experts - the mother's who use them.  To make an escape proof, comforting blanket, it must be large enough to accommodate flailing limbs.  Babies are used to being swaddled in the womb, without much wiggle room, they need the security a swaddle blanket provides.  You will love them also.

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