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Aqua Turquoise and Bright Saffron Yellow Minky Baby Blanket


Aqua and saffron yellow is a gorgeous gender neutral combination. See Pinterest ideas here:

Machine Wash/Tumble Dry, polyester Please choose the size from the drop down menu.

19 x 23 Luvy size or travel size, this is for baby to haul around PLEASE DO NOT ORDER THIS UNLESS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A LUVY! you cannot wrap a baby in a blanket this size, it is a bit larger than a burp cloth. it is a travel blanket, a luvy.

33 x 39 Infant size, good for a newborn, and baby shower gift.

37 x 57 This can be used as a crib blanket , or as an adult throw. It works perfectly for traveling in airplanes, or car, watching tv, reading a book.