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Luxe Minky Baby Blanket in Pink, Blue, or Brown Rose Swirl Minky


Made of pure, pink soft rose swirl on both sides, this is as soft as a baby bunny, so cuddly! Your little man or baby girl will adore it. Rose swirl is a plush fabric that looks as if it has had little roses (or little tornadoes, in the case of your little guy) planted all over.  For sweet ideas on how to decorate your little one's nursery, see our Pink, Cream and White Nursery Ideas Pinterest board.

To see a video of this blanket scroll down to the very bottom of the page.

Sizing descriptions:
15 x 19 Luvy size or travel size, this is for baby to haul around, but too small to wrap the baby with.

29 x 36 Infant size, good for a newborn, and baby shower gift.

32 x 52 This can be used as a crib blanket , or as an adult throw. It works perfectly for traveling in airplanes, or car, watching tv, reading a book.

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