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Minky Baby Blanket Cream Minky Dot and Rose Swirl


Made of pure, soft rose swirl and creamy minky dot, this is as soft as a baby bunny, so cuddly! Your little man or baby girl will adore it. Rose swirl is a plush fabric that looks as if it has had little roses (or little tornadoes, in the case of your little guy) planted all over. So pretty.

Every Monday evening we have a Minky Blanket GIVEAWAY on our Facebook page: (Copy and paste this into your browser)

Three sizes available, choose from drop down menu:

1.  15 x 18 inches,  a tiny luvy, too small to wrap a baby

2.  29 x 36 inches,  infant size, large enough to WRAP a baby

3.  32 x 52 inches,  crib size, or adult throw


Personalizationis available, please select size and embroidery options from the drop down menu, then fill out form upon checkout to provide us with the name, font, thread color, side to be embroidered.

Handmade in the USA

Machine washable, no fabric softener

Blanket sizing is approximate and measurements shown may vary slightly according to the final milled product.